Blue Team

In the cybersecurity world, there are blue teams and red teams. Red teams are the attackers; they target and exploit organizations and systems to reveal weaknesses and compromise data. Blue teams are the defenders, who work tirelessly to keep the attackers out of the network, and away from the sensitive data.

A blue team is a comprehensive stack of personnel, tools and capabilities that is constantly operating and improving, to deny attackers. The blue team includes everyone from the systems analyst reviewing log files on protected endpoints, up to the Chief Information Security Officer providing strategic oversight and executive advising. It includes a deep stack of tooling that keeps a constant watch on the network and endpoints to detect and block attackers, as well as robust processes to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Sentinel Blue is the blue team. We bring the full stack. We bring the expertise, the tooling, the processes, the know-how. We’ve made it our job, so you can focus on yours.


The first step in building a cybersecurity capability is understanding where you are and planning a path forward. We establish a baseline understanding and collaborate with our partners to get things moving.


We invest the time and effort to understand what is important to our partners. We understand that cybersecurity programs support businesses. We’re business-oriented, and security-focused. In that order. 


The new battleground in cybersecurity is on the endpoint. The computers and smart devices your staff use to complete their work every day. We have an industry leading stack of services to defend these assets and their data.


Good defense starts with visibility. We have to know what we’re defending, and we have to see what’s happening. We equip organizations with full visibility into their endpoints, their users and everything in between.


Cybersecurity sometimes takes a microscope and a skilled analyst to understand what is happening with the bits and bytes. We bring that microscope and that analyst, so you don’t have to.


Situational awareness is the most effective protection against malicious attempts to compromise your business. We train your team and provide threat information to raise awareness and protect the organization.

Ready to engage your new blue team?