It's a dangerous world. You need to get your..


Sentinel Blue exists to protect our partners

And we’re on a mission: To bring the power of enterprise cybersecurity to the small and medium business.
We understand that every business has sensitive data, critical systems and a reputation that needs protecting. We also understand that not every business has access to enterprise resources required to build a robust defensive capability.
That’s where we come in.


We believe in the power of partnership. That’s why we’ll never call you a “client”. We’re driven to provide value to our partners, to protect them, to contribute to our community, and stay true to our values.



End to end, comprehensive cybersecurity services offering for small and medium-sized defense and federal contractors, intended to specifically meet their cybersecurity requirements in full.



We’re bringing enterprise capabilities to the small and medium-sized organizations that don’t have enterprise resources. We’ve built a set of industry leading solutions that scale with our partners as they grow.


We are the Blue Team

We bring the full outfit of an enterprise blue team to organizations of all sizes. Dedicated cybersecurity personnel, industry-leading security tools and comprehensive security processes that are normally cost-prohibitive for small and medium-sized organizations to gain access to. We’re changing the game.

While our mission is to bring it everywhere, we’ve already started changing the game in these areas:

Sentinel Shield

The full package, the full suite. We deliver the blue team to you, as a service. We bring the analysts, the engineers, the software tools and the expertise to run a comprehensive blue team, same as you find at any enterprise organization. 

Defense & Aerospace

We have a deep expertise in the business and cybersecurity requirements of organizations in the defense industrial base. We know what companies in the DIB are up against. We’re the partner that can get you where you need to go.

DFARS/CMMC Compliance

You’re a defense contractor, and you have compliance requirements for your cybersecurity. The requirements are complex and difficult to implement. But you don’t have to do it alone. This is what we do every day, we can help.

Cybersecurity Strategy

We believe deeply in the value offered by a quality cybersecurity program, but we know the role of security in supporting business. We work with executive teams to develop robust, long-term strategies for protecting and maturing their companies.

Managed Security

You might have an IT team, or a trusted managed IT provider. But you need new security capabilities to meet the modern threat landscape. New capabilities are costly to implement, staff and maintain. Let us handle it.

Cloud Security Solutions

Leveraging cloud technology keeps small and medium-sized businesses adaptable and agile while minimizing capital expenses. We build comprehensive cybersecurity capabilties in the cloud, allowing our partners to scale easily.

Microsoft 365 GCC High

Defense contractors may handle protected information on behalf of the Government. They need access to cloud solutions that protect that data according to government requirements. Microsoft’s GCC High has the solutions, and we can help get it.

Managed IT Services

Many businesses rely on outsourced IT providers to keep their critical technology protected and functioning. Built on a security-first foundation, and informed by our methodology, we’ve built the best in class managed services offering around.

Partners, not Clients.

Sentinel Blue does not have clients. We have partners. 
That may sound like marketing jargon (and to be fair, it is), but we mean it. We want to work with organizations that see us as partners and peers, not as a vendor who is disconnected from their success. We want to be trusted advisors, like anyone else on your team.

We are your blue team. And we are..


Everything we do, everything we recommend, is intended to support your business. We are enablers, not inhibitors.


Security first, in everything we do. We don’t recommend anything that can’t be done in a secure way. No shortcuts.


we love our mission, and we are dedicated to it. We believe fiercely that all businesses deserve competent cybersecurity.


Every partner has taught us something. Every engagement, every project. We’re always pushing the envelope and honing our craft.

We’re ready to work together. Are you?