Partnership is important to us. We look for mutuality in shared values, delivery excellence, and having a blast while doing it.


We partner with Microsoft as the leading, enterprise-grade cloud security solution offerer who is unquestionably the authority on being cybersecure. As a managed security provider, we implement only those tools which are unequivocally ahead of the curve in practice and who deliver unquestionably the most robust solutions on the market.


We partner with Cloudflare, the global leader in content delivery network services, cloud cybersecurity, DDoS mitigation, and ICANN-accredited domain registration services because it shares our vision of supporting organizations of all sizes to reduce IT complexity and maintain control of their environment. We also use it to protect our clients’ iInternet properties from malicious activity like DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other nefarious intrusions.


Sentinel Blue is on a mission to protect our clients as partners, and therefore exist to bring enterprise grade security, through partnerships, to companies of all sizes. First and foremost, we seek partners who align with our values, are mission-driven, and who prioritize people and security first. We look for leading technologies and technologists that are ever-evolving, constantly problem-solving, and are delineated by their ability to stay ahead of the curve. Our partnerships form a robust ecosystem of stability, deep technical expertise, and strategic thought-driven methodologies for business and security success.

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