Our team stands apart from our peers along with more traditional cybersecurity and compliance firms, as one of few that can incorporate laser-focused core values into disruptive, yet innovative solutions. Our strength is in defying reasonability, pushing technical boundaries, transforming challenges, and developing simplified solutions. Our unique approach brings order to chaos in a fundamentally shifting IT and cybersecurity paradigm.

Don Sauer

Andy Sauer

Partner & CISO

Don Sauer

Partner & CIO

Don Sauer

Ben Wheat

Chief Technology Officer

Derek Kernus

Deputy CISO

Elizabeth Jiminez


Senior Director of Marketing

Don Sauer

Donny Sauer

Senior Director of Operations

Elizabeth Jiminez

Mike Sauer

Head of Operations


We’ll always be grateful to serve others with the intent to make a difference in lives, careers, and yes, global impact and advancement. Our gratitude is steeped in the knowledge that we’re doing all we can to make the world a better place. We support causes that activate thought, mobilize action, and communicate the value of humans who give a damn while giving back.

As our organization grows, we are all encouraged to identify causes that resonate with who we are and allow us to express our beliefs through action. Some of the organizations we work with include:

  • Dave Krache Foundation
  • The Cyber Guild
  • Cybersecurity Forum Initiative

Ready to get to work? So are we.

Our cyber adversaries aren’t waiting and neither are we. We want to learn more about your IT and cybersecurity needs so let’s get the conversation started.