Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud should reduce risk, not create risk.

Legions of businesses, from micro-businesses to mega-corporations, are shifting their traditional I.T. workloads from on-premises to the cloud.  Their motivations range from reducing capital investment to enabling flexibility. But the decision to move workloads to the cloud doesn’t automatically improve security. Organizations need to take proactive steps to ensure that cloud services improve their cybersecurity posture, rather than create potential for exploit.

Sentinel Blue is a cloud-first leader and trusted partner that understands the advantages of the cloud, and how to properly secure cloud services to reduce risk and maintain compliance.


Adopting cloud technology is a near no-brainer for most businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to just jump into. You need to take an organized approach led by cloud experts to really capitalize on it.


Cloud technology isn’t inherently secure. The security capabilities are better, but only when configured properly. Don’t leave the security of your cloud unattended. Work with cloud security experts to get it set.


Like all infrastructure, cloud technology needs to be monitored and watched for malicious or insecure behavior. But unlike traditional infrastructure, cloud requires a modified approach to monitoring.


Cloud options are overwhelming; from infrastructure to applications to security tooling to identity management, the options are plentiful. You need to work with a team that knows cloud solutions.

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