Senior Director of Marketing

Elizabeth Jimenez is a leader in cybersecurity marketing and the Senior Director for Sentinel Blue. She is responsible for building thought leadership, and for managing strategic relationships with partners, government agencies, industry influencers, clients, and driving Sentinel Blue’s brand vision, value, and culture. Prior to joining Sentinel Blue, Elizabeth has spent time in executive leadership roles at NeoSystems, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and Toshiba Europe GMBH. She is also a co-founder and Board Member of The Cyber Guild, which is focused on transforming the understanding and importance of cybersecurity as a necessity and part of everyday living. She sits on the advisory board for The Cyber Guild’s flagship conference, Uniting Women in Cyber, and is passionate about supporting women into positions of leadership by creating cultural awareness. Elizabeth holds a bachelor of arts degree from Radford University.

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