Defense & Aerospace

If anything is at the core of what we do, it is serving the defense industry.

Sentinel Blue was founded with the vision of bringing enterprise cybersecurity capabilities to our partners in the defense industrial base. It’s where we come from and what we do best. We’ve built our solutions and services with the defense industry in mind, from our compliance offerings to cloud security services, its all aimed at these organizations.  It’s why we are an all-U.S. company, with all of our services on U.S. and sovereign infrastructure that is limited to U.S. persons.

We’re working to bring a complete, end-to-end cybersecurity and compliance offering to our defense partners. Through our Sentinel Shield program, defense contractors can quickly close the gap in their cybersecurity maturity and prepare to meet compliance requirements like DFARS and CMMC.

In most cases, Sentinel Blue is able to accept contractual flowdowns that obligate us to meet the requirements of DFARS. Further, Sentinel Blue is planning to achieve a CMMC Certification at Level 3 and routinely executes a DFARS addendum in our agreements with defense industry partners.


The full package. We deliver the blue team to you. We bring the analysts, the engineers, the software tools and the expertise to run a comprehensive blue team, same as you find at any enterprise organization.



You’re a defense contractor, and you have compliance requirements. The requirements are complex and difficult to implement. But you don’t have to do it alone. This is what we do every day, we can help.



We have a deep catalog of IT and cybersecurity services, tailored to security focused organizations. Everything has been built with defense industry in mind. It’s all best in class, industry leading service.


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