Government Cloud

Defense and federal contractors who offer services to, or store data on behalf of government agencies, are required to meet certain standards, such as the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and FedRAMP. These standards require contractors to protect data and applications, maintain U.S. sovereignty and other specific requirements. To meet the standards, cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft offer specific government versions of their services.

These government versions of cloud services generally have unique feature sets or differences with their commercial counterparts, and further require specific configurations to maintain compliance. 

Sentinel Blue has deep experience in the various government cloud offerings, especially Microsoft’s Azure Government / Office 365 GCC High and Amazon’s AWSGov. We even host several of our own applications in a government cloud, including the key components of our premier Sentinel Shield service. We are early adopters and daily users of these platforms; we know the challenges, we know the requirements and we’ve implemented dozens of services in them.

Subject Matter Expertise

We live it. We’re in it daily. We know it intimately. By partnering with us, you save yourself hours of research and coordination to move to these cloud environments.

Compliant Configuration

Cloud services, regardless of commercial or government offering, still require specific internal configurations to be compliant. We’re the experts who can do it.

Migrations and Implementation

Need technical hands to make a migration, or implement a service in a government cloud? Our highly experienced and specialized team is here to help.

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