Managed IT Services

IT is a force multiplier that can make or break your team’s productivity. Make IT work for you.

Sentinel Blue combines our cybersecurity expertise with deep information technology experience to offer a comprehensive, end to end managed IT service to our partners. From the helpdesk to the CIO, we deliver everything you expect from an managed IT provider plus a slew of advanced cybersecurity and engineering services.

Our managed IT services are designed to cover advanced use cases, such as those required by Defense contractors who need all U.S. persons, and a provider capable of achieving CMMC Certification. Our premier managed service, Sentinel Shield, is designed to deliver an end to end IT and cybersecurity stack of tools, processes and personnel. While we do offer our services to all businesses, we specialize in these use cases and cater our catalog of services to those organizations’ needs. Further, Sentinel Blue is willing and able to accept a DFARS flowdown and execute a DFARS addendum to agreements.


You need a highly responsive, trained and competent support team that’s ready to solve problems on the fly. That’s us. We provide end user support, asset management, system monitoring and more.


IT infrastructure can be complicated. Talented engineers utilizing industry leading engineering principles are the key to modernizing. We bring that talent to architect, implement and maintain key services.


IT systems are only as good as they are maintained. From minor bug fixes to major security vulnerabilities, you need someone upgrading and maintaining your systems. That’s what we do.


Infrastructure changes. Employees come and go. New capabilities are implemented. We expect that and plan for it. Our managed services start with robust change control, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Ready to get it all managed?