Managed Security

Good security requires consistent management, monitoring and maintenance to remain effective.

Security technologies are only as good as the team behind them. Not every business can staff a full-service security operations center to procure, implement, monitor and maintain the complex infrastructure. Wise businesses instead turn to trusted partners to bring the capabilities required to keep their organization secure, without breaking the bank.

Sentinel Blue brings a full suite of managed cybersecurity capabilities to small/medium businesses, freeing them from having to invest in security infrastructure and the personnel needed to manage it. Whether you’re lookign for a complete, end to end security solution like our Sentinel Shield program, or you’re looking for a security team to augment your own capabilities, we’re ready to help.


Endpoints, networks and user activity need to be monitored for indicators of compromise. Our security operations center is always hunting and responding to any suspicious activity.


The devices your employees work from are the new cybersecurity battleground. These endpoints need to be configured, monitored and protected against the evolving threat landscape.


Implementing security controls is meaningless without testing and verification. A mature vulnerability management program and capability constantly assesses your systems for vulnerabilities.


Like all infrastructure, cloud technology needs to be monitored and watched for malicious or insecure behavior. But unlike traditional infrastructure, cloud requires a modified approach to monitoring.

Ready to get it all under control?