We’re on a mission

We exist to protect our partners. We exist to bring enterprise grade security to small and medium-sized businesses.  We exist to leverage the power of technology as a force multiplier in securing our nation’s businesses.  We exist to equip our partners, our stakeholders and our community with the tools needed to defend their businesses in the 21st century.
We know why we’re here. We’re passionate about why we’re here. We’re laser-focused on the mission.

We have values that guide our business and we are accountable.


We don’t have clients; we have partners. We’re commited to forming long-term, beneficial partnerships. We do only what sets our partners up for success. We establish and protect the trust.


Decisions, technical or otherwise, are made with security in mind. We consider security impacts in everything we do. No solutions that compromise security. Never complacent, always improving.


We’re an American company serving American interests. We contribute to efforts that improve American cybersecurity resilience.  We support American values. We defend American companies.


Everything we do is done right, no matter what. We do not take shortcuts. We do not compromise security. We don’t do things halfway. All of our effort, all of the time.


We lean forward and adapt. We want to establish and hold a position of leadership in our community. We don’t remain complacent. Where we see potential for improvement, we implement it.


We exceed expectations and deliver high quality work. We take pride in what we do. We set the standard in quality of work. We aren’t chasing the bare minimum; we are chasing the best.


We are about more than our business. We have a duty to serve our community, both in industry and locally where we operate. We contribute to open source projects. We have a positive impact.


Our team is our greatest asset. We invest in them, we teach them and open doors for them. We advocate for our team. We keep an open, inclusive environment. We protect a healthy work-life balance.

What can we do to help?