Month: April 2024

Leadership Spotlight Q&A

All Things Cyber with Lauren Zabierek! Lauren Zabierek is a Senior Advisor in the Cybersecurity Division of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), with over 20 years in national security. Q: What are the top three cyber challenges you as the Senior Cybersecurity Advisor and your team are working on and why? A: My team…
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How to Optimize Your Access Management, Zero Trust, and Allow-Listing Strategy.

Through the lense of a small business operations team. It is common for one person to take on many roles in a small business environment.  So, how does a small business mitigate risk that comes with the challenge of a separation of duties and managing access to key data and systems? In this blog post, we…
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Security Documentation is Essential for GRC and Audit Preparation

Good documentation is critical for preparing and navigating through an audit effectively. Well-documented processes and records can significantly ease the audit process and demonstrate that your business operates in a transparent and compliant manner. Here are ways in which good documentation can prepare you for an audit, specifically for a NIST 800-171 or CMMC audit.