Category: Small Business Cybersecurity

Security Documentation is Essential for GRC and Audit Preparation

Good documentation is critical for preparing and navigating through an audit effectively. Well-documented processes and records can significantly ease the audit process and demonstrate that your business operates in a transparent and compliant manner. Here are ways in which good documentation can prepare you for an audit, specifically for a NIST 800-171 or CMMC audit.

Making Critical ERP and CRM Decisions within the DIB

How Small Business Defense Contractors Should Choose and Protect Their Critical Applications A business’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can either facilitate or constrain business operations workflow.  A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help effectively manage interactions with customers Both are essential for small businesses.  According to McKinsey, however, more than 70% of digital…
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How to Share Files Within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

A Small Business Operations Perspective Securely sharing data with suppliers and customers poses several challenges. This blog series provides insight into file sharing operations from a Defense Industry Base (DIB) small business perspective; Here are some common challenges, use-cases, and industry solutions for consideration when operating within small business resource constraints. Data Privacy and Compliance:…
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